The Best Ways to Compress PDFs for Free


Have you noticed the way the strictwebsites are regarding PDF size? When it comes to uploading resumes or submitting a school project or sending an important file to a coworker We’ve all likely had to compress a PDF in order to satisfy a website’s secret size limitations for PDFs.

Although Adobe Acrobat DC is the best method for compressing PDF documents however, the compression option is only available on Acrobat DC’s paid program. It is a free seven-day trial if you’ve never previously used the application however, you’ll need to purchase the program once your free week has ended. There are plenty of options for free to reduce the PDF to a manageable size for PC and Mac in a flash.

Make your PDF smaller using Adobe Online (Mac, Windows)

Adobe offers a free pdf compressor online that anybody can utilize. Although it can only support files that are 2GB or less, this is enough for the majority of users. There three levels of compression with CLICK AQUÍ – high medium, low, and high to pick from.

  1. Start your Adobe Acrobat Online PDF compressor.
  2. “Select” to upload a PDF. “Select” to upload a PDF file, or drag and drop the file on the screen from your desktop.
  1. Select the compression level you’d like, and follow by clicking “Compress.”
  2. Select “Download” to save the file on your device.

Reduce your PDF’s size with MacOS Preview (Mac)

Mac users can use the ability to compress PDFs built-in within the Preview application.

  1. Open a PDF file using Preview.
  2. Click the File menu > Export as well as the File menu and select Export… if you’d like to export the compressed file with a different name.
  3. Set the Format to “PDF.”
  4. Choose “Reduce File Size” from the Quartz Filter drop-down menu.
  5. Click “Save.”

Make your PDF smaller with Wondershare HiPDF (Mac, Windows)

Wondershare provides a free PDF compression tool that is available on HiPDF’s website. HiPDF web site as an extension for browsers or an offline desktop application.

Similar to Adobe Online Compressor, HiPDF allows you to select between three compression levels, however, it only supports files that are 10MB or 50 pages Free users are limited to converting two files every day. The restrictions are removed by Pro edition users (starting at $6/month to use for web and desktop, with $8/month for the desktop and web) The Pro version is capable of compressing multiple files in one go.

At present, however we’ll explain the way the free version works:

  1. Start HiDPF’s HiDPF compress page.
  2. Select “Upload”to select the PDF file you have saved to your computer or use the down arrow to upload it from to your OneDrive, Dropbox, or Box cloud drive.
  3. “Add” to upload additional PDFs. “Add” to upload additional PDFs that you want to compress.
  4. Select the slider to choose your preferred level of compression.
  5. Simply click “Compress”to start the compression process.
  6. Select “Download” to save the compressed file.



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