Storing Cannabis Seeds: Here’s The Best Way


See, there are two ways from which cannabis can be grown. First, from seed, and second, from a clone. Seeds take in genetic information from two parent plants. Two-parent plants are mother and father plants. They take information from either or both of the parent plant to make different combination traits. 

All living beings carry their genetic information from both of their parents. In the same way, cannabis fountainheads also inherit traits from their parent plants. As there are the types of living beings (humans, animals, etc.) in the same way, there are three types of cannabis eggs: – 

  1. Regular seeds: Its cultivation is executed by crossing a male plant with a female plant.
  2. Feminized seeds: It gets enlightened into a female plant awarding a flower or a bud.
  3. Auto-flower seeds: In this, plants will start flowering when they reach their full-growth phase.

The popularity of cannabis fountainheads is growing day by day because of their medicinal values. The market was valued at USD 1445.05 million in 2021 and expects to grow to USD 5694.95 by 2029. Its CAGR is 18.7% during 2022-2029. Once the grower decides to plant the canna, a crucial question arising in the brain is how to choose the best fountainhead.

The cultivators, generally, select female seeds because they produce buds. Category-wise, Eggs are divided into two. One is Sativa, which gives an energetic feeling to the users. Two, Indica, which reduces anxiety but not tiredness. Now, learn the most accurate way to stock these cannabis seedlings. Here we go-

Some benefits of cannabis seeds-

As we know, canna fountainheads are beneficial to one’s health. They are rich in distinct minerals such as magnesium, zinc, iron, and potassium. Following are some health benefits derived from a marijuana’s little ones: –

  1. Promote weight loss
  2. Reduces the signs of menopause
  3. Nutritious for the skin
  4. Improves the working of the heart
  5. Enhances digestion

Stocking cannabis seedlings: how can you do it perfectly?

With the above benefits in mind, it seems crucial to secure the canna baby by storing them at the right place and at the right time. Below are some necessary points the marijuana growers should keep in mind.

1. What should be the temperature and lighting conditions?

Remember how we react to extreme cold and hot temperatures? Marijuana eggs also behave in the same way. For the egg to survive without germinating is to store at low temperatures. The lower the temperature, the longer the eggs will survive. The ideal temperature for its survival is between 43 to 47-degree Fahrenheit. It is also beneficial to store the fountainhead in a vacuum-packed dark container. Do not thaw it.

2. What about humidity conditions?

We humans cannot handle a humid climate then, so we cannot expect the babies to deal with the humidity. They are very delicate to humidity conditions. It is better to protect them from the humid conditions. Below we will discuss the circumstances of the small ones in a moist climate range.

  • 8 – 9%: Canna eggs will start attracting insects and pests.
  • 10 – 14%: They will begin developing a breeding ground for fungus, inside and outside both.
  • 15 – 20%: Seeds will start sweating like an individual standing under the sun.
  • 21 – 30%: It is advisable to store the little ones.
  • 31 – 40%: This range is known as the germination range. The little ones will begin to germinate themselves. 
  • 41% and above: This is the danger range for them. It might start to wilt and die after 12 hours.

Thus, if the humidity level is too high, it will leave the earth. And if the humidity is very low, they will attract insects and pets.

3. Where and how to store it?

If the cultivator wants to save them for a short period, a cold dark drawer or a cupboard is adequate for survival. However, keep them away from rapid fluctuations in the climate. These variations in temperatures will destroy the little ones. 

For example, if the cultivator lives in a room with warm temperatures during the daytime and cold temperatures during the nighttime, the sudden fluctuation destroys the fountainhead.

For a medium period, seeds should be kept in an airtight bag such as a Ziploc bag. If saved for extended periods, it is advisable to use a vacuum-sealed box. Place the pouch in a less frequently used refrigerator because opening the fridge will cause temperature fluctuations that are unsuitable for them.

It is necessary to remember that modern fridges are dehydrated. A dried environment creates a less humid environment inside the refrigerator, forcing them to use their nutrients to stay alive. And once the container full of marijuana eggs gets removed from the fridge, germination should be done immediately. If the cannabis’ little ones are stored suitably, they can survive for more than 5 years. The germination process decreases to negative if the fridge is not open often.

4. How to protect from insects?

To protect from insects, the cultivators can use diatomaceous earth (D.E) where they store them. D.E is a type of sand that has a fossilized algae base. It acts as an insecticide; however, it should not remain beside foods. The cultivators can also use Neem oil to keep the invaders away from the main body. That is because Neem is not famous among insects and pests.



In the Germination process in which, a seed starts sprouting and commences to thrive into a new plant. It is the very first step for a plant to grow. 

For marijuana eggs to germinate, they should first be soaked in water for at least 12 hours at room temperature. If soaked for more than 24 hours, they will deprive oxygen, making the germination process harder and slower. The floating one should get thrown as they are of poor quality, and the settled one should get used in the further germination procedure. 

  • Step1: Put the eggs on a tissue inside a container, and spray room temperature water often for them to open up.
  • Step2: Once they open up, plant them into separate small pots.

The little ones will begin to grow into a seedling after some days and then into plants. Watering should be done frequently in the pots for better growth. Like another plant, cannabis also requires personal touch and love from the grower for broadening.

So, now you have learned how you can accurately stock cannabis seeds. Though it is not an easy task to grow a plant, dedication and patience can make it happen. The cultivators should be clear that the roots are not exposing themselves to germination conditions. They should take care of them as they invest their money and time in them. Stay tuned for more!


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