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recreational marijuana tax michigan.

Most people who have never considered the option of buying cannabis in Michigan often realize that it is a criminal offence and has draconian consequences. They start thinking that the legislation legalizing marijuana tax michigan for adult use hasn’t happened yet, and most of these restrictions are still on hold. Some states like California, Washington, and Colorado have passed laws that allow for recreational marijuana tax michigan use (the specific rules differ between states). The overwhelming number of individuals who want to buy cannabis in Michigan soon realize that this would be equivalent to breaking federal law.

What is Michigan’s current law?


First and foremost, the state of Michigan is still passing legislation for marijuana tax michigan. This means there could be a great disparity between what we know now and what will come to pass. Which might indicate where this is all headed.

Michigan’s current marijuana tax michigan.

The plan as it stands right now is to tax the following:


Mixed Cannabis and Cannabis Concentrates, at a rate of 12% (1%) of their retail sales price per dry gram for processors. The wholesalers, testers, and retailers Mixed Cannabis and Cannabis Concentrates with a THC percentage greater than 6.9%. Which is at a rate of 10% (2.5%) of their retail sales price per dry gram for processors. The wholesalers, testers and retailers Oil from the cannabis plant (other than concentrated), at a rate of 7% (1.5%).  The retail sales price per gallon (1,000 ml) sold to processors. 

Who will be affected by this law? 


Michigan’s new marijuana bill aims to tax the herb at a rate similar to medical and recreational use. Suppose you have card-based registration from Medical Marijuana Program (MMP). Which includes cards issued by Veterans Affiliate Tree Authorities(VFA). Your taxes won’t vary depending on how much weed it is in total but rather just according to MIPS consumption rates or production capacity instead! You may also grow cannabis plants exclusively used for household requirements under these programs. So get growing ASAP before summer comes knocking again.

What does this tax pay for?


The Michigan Supreme Court has ruled that the state should consider 20 per cent of all revenue collected from the sale of marijuana tax michigan to go towards public schools, roads and local governments where weed is legal (in certain districts). As a result, there will likely be a major bump in school and road funding.

recreational marijuana tax michigan.

Who is responsible for this tax?


The bill is being led by the governor, Rick Snyder. He has been trying to get this passed since he signed the state’s Medical marijuana tax michigan Program in December 2015. At first, he was not an advocate of recreational marijuana tax michigan. However, his stance changed after learning that all of the money collected from current medical marijuana tax michigan users would go towards public schools (20 per cent of all taxes). While I think that 20 per cent is overkill. I’m sure it will help our state’s economy somehow.

How will this tax be collected?


The state of Michigan’s legislature is debating this point. Still, marijuana tax michigan users with a registry card will likely purchase a product at a recreational marijuana tax michigan dispensary and pay tax according to the purchase price (as per any other business). It’s also likely that businesses selling recreational marijuana tax will be taxed based on their gross revenue from selling the drug.


How can you voice your opinion and support the law?


If you live in the state and want to see recreational marijuana tax michigan legalized, you should support this petition. If you are currently utilizing medical marijuana tax michigan. I also recommend that you speak with your local legislator about the benefits of legalizing recreational tax Michigan. How it will affect the economy in your city or town if passed. The more people that speak to their local legislators about the issue, the higher the chance of it passing is.

Who would be against this law?


Many representatives in our state and federal congress are currently against recreational marijuana tax michigan. Some are concerned about how it will affect children. While others are worried about how it could potentially hurt our workforce if it becomes legal for adult use. There is also a concern for people who have substance abuse issues. While tax michigan is not very addictive, many fear its legalization could increase drug dependency in Michigan, specifically among teenagers and young adults.



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