Aprilia Rs 457 Price: All You Need to Know

The Aprilia RS 125 is a sporty and agile motorbike that has been designed and built with the racetrack in mind. It comes equipped with a powerful 125cc engine that delivers impressive performance and speed, making it ideal for both experienced riders and newcomers alike. In this article, we will delve into the Aprilia RS 125 Specs, Features, Price, and Reviews, providing you with all the information you need to know about this impressive motorcycle.

Aprilia RS 125 Specifications

The Aprilia RS 125 is powered by a 124.2cc single-cylinder liquid-cooled engine that generates around 15 horsepower. It features a 6-speed gearbox and can reach a top speed of approximately 125 km/h. The bike has a fuel capacity of 14.5 liters and weighs around 135 kg. With a comfortable seat height of 820 mm, the RS 125 offers a sporty riding position that is both engaging and enjoyable.

Aprilia RS 125 Features

  • Design: The Aprilia RS 125 boasts a sleek and aggressive design that is sure to turn heads wherever you go. With its aerodynamic fairings, sharp lines, and stylish graphics, this bike exudes a sense of speed and performance.
  • Technology: The RS 125 comes equipped with advanced technology such as a digital instrument cluster, LED lighting, and ABS brakes. These features not only enhance the bike’s performance but also ensure a safe and enjoyable riding experience.
  • Handling: Thanks to its lightweight chassis, adjustable suspension, and responsive brakes, the RS 125 offers excellent handling and agility. Whether you’re tackling tight corners or cruising on the highway, this bike delivers a smooth and stable ride.

Aprilia RS 125 Price

The Aprilia RS 125 price varies depending on the market and country. On average, the cost of a new RS 125 ranges from $5,000 to $6,000. However, prices can fluctuate due to factors such as taxes, import duties, and dealership fees. It’s important to check with your local Aprilia dealer for the most up-to-date pricing information.

Aprilia RS 125 Reviews

  • Performance: Riders praise the RS 125 for its impressive performance and acceleration. The bike’s powerful engine and lightweight design make it a joy to ride, whether you’re on the track or the street.
  • Comfort: Despite its sporty nature, the RS 125 offers a comfortable riding position and a well-padded seat. Riders appreciate the bike’s ergonomics and find it suitable for long journeys.
  • Handling: The RS 125’s nimble handling and precise steering receive high marks from riders. Whether navigating through traffic or carving up twisty roads, this bike excels in terms of agility and control.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is the Aprilia RS 125 suitable for beginners?
– While the RS 125 is a sporty and powerful bike, it can be suitable for beginners who are looking to upgrade from smaller motorcycles. It’s important for novice riders to practice caution and familiarize themselves with the bike’s capabilities.

2. Does the Aprilia RS 125 come with ABS brakes?
– Yes, the RS 125 is equipped with ABS brakes, providing enhanced safety and stopping power in various riding conditions.

3. What is the maintenance schedule for the Aprilia RS 125?
– The RS 125 requires regular maintenance, including oil changes, chain adjustments, and periodic inspections. Refer to the owner’s manual for the recommended service intervals.

4. Can the Aprilia RS 125 be customized with aftermarket accessories?
– Yes, there is a wide range of aftermarket accessories available for the RS 125, including exhaust systems, bodywork, and performance parts. However, it’s essential to ensure compatibility and quality when installing such accessories.

5. How does the Aprilia RS 125 compare to other 125cc sportbikes in the market?
– The RS 125 stands out among its competitors due to its premium design, advanced technology, and superior performance. While other 125cc sportbikes offer similar features, the Aprilia’s reputation for quality and innovation sets it apart in the segment.

In conclusion, the Aprilia RS 125 is a standout motorcycle that combines style, performance, and technology in a compact and agile package. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a newcomer to the sportbike world, the RS 125 offers an exhilarating riding experience that is sure to impress. For more information on pricing and availability in your region, contact your local Aprilia dealer today.

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