What Are The Five Best Place To Grow Weed Outdoors

Grow Weed Outdoors

The legalization of marijuana is continuing to grow at a rapid pace. More states are beginning to legalize the use of recreational marijuana, and many are also allowing for the cultivation of marijuana. As legalization expands, those interested in cultivating marijuana plants must figure out the best place to grow weed outdoors. Finding the best place to grow weed outdoors will depend upon different factors, but there are five key considerations that those interested in growing marijuana should consider.

Here are the five best places to grow marijuana plants outdoors.

1. In a greenhouse

A greenhouse is an excellent place to Grow Weed Outdoors. It offers protection against the elements, consistent temperatures and lighting, and you can easily control the humidity. Greenhouses provide a lot of advantages that can’t be found in growing marijuana outdoors. For example, those cultivating marijuana plants outdoors may have to battle against changing climates and weather conditions that can make it difficult for those growing marijuana plants to succeed. In addition, greenhouses typically have more consistent temperatures so that you’ll have more control over your growing environment. You’ll also be able to influence the humidity in the greenhouse, making it easier to control moisture levels inside the greenhouse, which may affect root growth or mould species.

2. In a fully enclosed tent

Some people like to Grow Weed Outdoors in tents. Some of the advantages to growing marijuana in tents are that they are easy to build and they offer a large amount of space for your marijuana plants, making it easier for you to grow indoors during colder months. Many outdoor enthusiasts also like to spend time outside without any worries about the elements, wind or rain, making it difficult for them to grow marijuana outdoors. Growing marijuana in an enclosed tent will eliminate many worries and make it easier for you to grow marijuana plants outdoors. The tents can be fully enclosed and offer protection against the elements while allowing you to control other things. Such as temperature, humidity and lighting.

3. In a greenhouse with a large amount of space dedicated to growing marijuana

In addition to the benefits of growing marijuana in a greenhouse, you can also dedicate a large amount of space for marijuana plants so that it works well for those looking for an outdoor grow space for their marijuana plants. For example, if you dedicate an entire one-hundred square feet to your marijuana plants growing cannabis outdoors is going to be easier than it would be if you only had twenty square feet or less space. Suppose you’re looking to grow marijuana outdoors but are worried about the available space. In that case, you can consider renting a large greenhouse and using it entirely for your marijuana plants instead of just a portion of it.

4. In an outdoor garden

Many people like the idea of Grow Weed Outdoors their vegetables garden. If you interested in gardening but want to add marijuana plants, an outdoor garden is a good place for both to grow together. Many people like to grow marijuana outdoors because they get better yields than growing indoors if the climate allows it. Growing marijuana outdoors may be necessary depending on how much space you have available indoors or how much control over the environment you have with your indoor facilities. However, for those interested in growing marijuana outdoors, an outdoor garden may be the best place for it.

5. In a field of marijuana plants

When it comes to Grow Weed Outdoors, some people like to grow them in rows instead of individual plants. If you have some land and space that you want to use and don’t mind not having control over your growing environment other than the time of year, an outdoor field may be the best option for you when growing marijuana outdoors. Row crops are another great way to grow cannabis outside by planting your marijuana plants in areas that are between 6 feet and 10 feet apart. This makes it easier for growers to maintain their plants. The main benefit of an outdoor field is that you can grow more marijuana at once than you would if you were only growing individual plants in a greenhouse or tent.


Cultivating marijuana is becoming more popular as the legalization of marijuana continues to grow. Not all states will legalize the cultivation of marijuana, but those that do should easily have access to information on how they can cultivate their plants indoors or outdoors. If you’re interested in cultivating your marijuana plants, consider the benefits and disadvantages of each option and find the place where it’s going to be easiest for you to grow weed outdoors.



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