meth and weed

I’m not the only one who wishes they were as abstinent as I am. My body is a machine with a complex but easy-to-understand set of responses when it comes to addiction and weed.

My body is a complex machine that can’t do everything it needs to do. The problem is, it can’t do anything it needs to do without a certain amount of meth or weed.

It’s actually pretty easy to make the mistake of thinking that the human body is like a machine. My body is a machine, but the human body is a machine, and therefore, unlike the other machines it is. It’s not like my body is a machine.

Meth and weed are two very different things. Meth is something that I consume like a normal consumer. I have to have it, but it doesn’t do anything. Weed is something that is ingested with a certain amount of alcohol, and it does something. This is not to say that the human body is a machine. It isn’t.

Weed is a chemical that I do not ingest. I only ingest it in a confined place like a bar or a cup. It takes a few minutes to digest and then it becomes what it is, and only then when I reach the point where I am able to swallow it up from the bottom of my mouth. That’s what the human body is like. Meth and weed are, essentially, chemicals, and they don’t taste like what they consume.

They arent, though. The only thing they taste like is blood. Blood which, like any other chemical, is only in the presence of other chemicals. As long as these chemicals aren’t ingested, they have no effect on us. I know this because I have never felt the effects of these chemicals. I don’t feel anything on my tongue, or my throat, or my stomach. However, the longer I take to digest the substance, the more I feel the effects.

I feel my heart beating fast, my pulse quicken and my skin tingle. I feel like I am having trouble breathing. I feel heavy, like my stomach is bulging. I feel dizzy, with my head spinning. I feel a pounding against my chest as if someone is trying to force his way through my body, and I feel as though I am about to lose consciousness.

I am pretty sure I am not alone. The guy who left me feeling drowsy and sleepy is a very good friend of mine. He used to have me think of him as a kind of angel, or angel of death, and call himself “Sister”. As I look up at him, I can see him as a man and a friend, and a man who is very much like our sister.

That last part is a bit of a misnomer, as Sister has the same exact personality as our sister, but Sister was always a bit more of a loner. My friend has always been a bit more like our sister’s best friend. I think he’s trying to say that he used to be a bit more like our sister’s best friend.

I think meth and weed are two of the most important things we need to focus on in our lives right now. This is a good thing, because we will inevitably get into trouble with our weed or meth. But because it is so important, we need to take it seriously. That being said, meth and weed don’t have to be the only things we think about.

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