How to Buy a Disposable Electronic Cigarette

Electronic Cigarette

Although traditional cigarette smoking is quickly losing popularity to vaping, the tobacco industry is still in charge of both. Even the new manufacturers who purely specialize in vape devices have to understand how the tobacco industry works since some countries still use tobacco laws to regulate vaping. 

That said, it is crucial for vaping enthusiasts to know how to buy vape products. A disposable electronic cigarette is a device that resembles the traditional cigarette stick, but instead of tobacco rolls, it uses vape juice that is heated by an electronic system. How can one buy this device? This article explains more.

Understand What They Look Like

As mentioned, a disposable electronic cigar or cigarette looks like a traditional cigarette stick. Hence, they are usually cylindrical tubes and someone would be forgiven to think they are conventional tobacco sticks. Some even come in a packet. 

However, the manufacturers have become quite innovative, and some might look like a flat flash drive and come in flashy colors to entice youths. 

Understand the Ingredients

Unlike other vape devices, a disposable electronic cigarette comes pre-filled with e-juice. Therefore, buyers should understand the content in the vape fluid. If you are looking for a disposable e-cigarette with no nicotine, then check carefully to ensure that the electronic fluid has zero nicotine. 

Vape juice contains other popular ingredients such as VG, PG, and flavors. But it would be good to understand the amount and flavor type. If you have used them for a long time, you will probably know the amount you need. For newbies, it is prudent that you research well to understand the effect of each ingredient and how it determines your vaping experience.

Check the Other Features

Just like the sophisticated vaping devices, an ePuffer disposable electronic cigarette or any other comes with certain features. These are the simplest vape devices on the market and may have one button or none at all. 

Before purchasing disposable vapour cigarettes, make sure that it is easy to use. The best ones activate when you make the first draw and switch off when it is over. They are more suitable than those with a power button.

When buying a disposable e-cig with no nicotine, consider those that come with extra prefilled pods for extended use just in case you need to vape more often. Zero nicotine vape products have little or no harm to the body, so people tend to vape them regularly. 

Check the Cost

For those who prefer to buy disposable electronic cigarettes online, it is easy to compare prices on different websites. However, those who buy in physical shops may have no other option to compare with. 

All in all, you should ensure that the disposable electronic cigarette is affordable and worth the price. Some are packed in five, others in three, and others in one. Since they are used once or a few times before disposing of them, their cost should be sustainable.


There are many considerations to make before buying a disposable electronic cigarette. These tips apply whether you are buying online or at a physical health shop in your area. If there are more tips that will help you make the right decision, do not hesitate to use them as well. 


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