Five Simple (But Important) Things To Remember About Rentgrow Conditionally Approved For Cannabis.

rentgrow conditionally approved

As a new tenant, there are many terms that you should know before moving into a new place. One of them is Rentgrow Conditionally Approved for Cannabis. But what exactly does this mean? It means that the landlord and building management have agreed to allow the use of medical marijuana on the premises in addition to all other legal activities while residents are living within these properties. However, it also means that because cannabis is still federally illegal, tenants may not use it in any other setting outside of their unit or apartment. This includes smoking on balconies, in common areas, or in apartment units.

How do I know if a property is Rentgrow Conditionally Approved For Cannabis?


The first step is determining whether the property you want to live in is rentgrow conditionally approved for cannabis. You can visit the company’s website and see if they are listed on the site as an approved property. If so, then it may be possible that you can use cannabis in your unit. There will also be a notice in your lease stating whether marijuana usage is acceptable on the premises. Be sure to read it before you sign anything and have it explained to you by your landlord. This notice will also be in your lease, so make sure you pay close attention to it.

Here Are The Five Rights When They Live In A Conditionally Approved Building.


The most important thing to remember is that the laws surrounding cannabis in your area may change at any time. Like many other things, it will move forward and back depending on your state’s new laws. This means that you should know about all the legalities related to cannabis so you can be prepared for anything that could arise. Each state has different rules about cannabis usage inside rented properties. Here are a few of the most important tenants’ rights:

1) You cannot use cannabis anywhere outside of your home


This means you must not use marijuana anywhere else on the property, including on your balcony. It also means that you cannot light up a joint or take any other form of cannabis when you go out to the common areas, such as the hallway or the parking lot. In addition, you must be able to behave and conduct yourself in a manner consistent with all other rules and regulations that  allow you to reside in an apartment complex that is rentgrow conditionally approved for cannabis. If you are found doing so, security staff may evict you from their premises, and you could also face criminal charges.


2)  The landlord has the right to perform inspections.


Even if you live in a building that is rentgrow conditionally approved for cannabis, your landlord still has the right to enter your home at any time. They may have a reason to do so, and the police may have a warrant if it is an emergency. Otherwise, you will need to allow entry so that they can inspect it. This means that they will search every room of your apartment and look for any traces of cannabis that you may have on the premises. If they find any marijuana. Then your landlord will kick you out and may even file suit in court against you. You may also face criminal charges depending on the circumstances.

3) The Rentgrow Conditionally Approved For Cannabis Program is not a lease


When you sign an apartment lease with the landlord, there is usually a clause that prohibits using any controlled or illegal substances on the property. If you violate this clause, the landlord can issue a notice to quit and must evict you from their property. The Rentgrow Conditionally Approved for Cannabis Program does not change this fact. You cannot use cannabis under any circumstances because even though it is not as illegal as before. It remains illegal on a federal level in most states.

4) You can grow cannabis in an apartment building that is rentgrow conditionally approved for cannabis


The program does not change the fact that you cannot smoke cannabis in your building or any part of it. However, you can grow a certain amount of marijuana plants in your home, up to six, if you live alone. In addition, you may  allow to have up to twelve plants if there is more than one resident within the home. They all have proper medical documentation that states they require the plant for their medical needs.

5) You may still be evicted from a building that is rentgrow conditionally approved for cannabis


If your landlord has a reason to evict you, regardless of whether or not you are using cannabis under any circumstances. They can still file suit against you. This includes even if you have medical documentation stating that you require the plant for your health and well-being. This can happen even if the landlord is aware that you are using marijuana on the premises. And if they do so even once, they may  allow to do so. However, if they decide to bring suit against you. They will first petition in court to have it heard in front of a judge.



The Rentgrow Conditionally Approved For Cannabis Program is now in effect in several states across the country. This means landlords may be willing to sign a lease with you. If you only use cannabis grown by yourself at home. You should always know the laws related to pot in your area before you start using it. If possible, get medical marijuana documentation before doing so.



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