Everything You Need To Know About Michigan Medical Marijuana Application.

michigan medical marijuana application

The Michigan Medical Marihuana Act, or MMA, was signed into law on April 17th of, 2008. This act makes it legal for a patient to possess up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis and cultivate up to 12 plants as long as they are grown in an enclosed, locked facility. The MMA is effective from October 1st, 2009, until January 3rd, 2016, and there is no chance these regulations will change anytime soon. Furthermore, the application process has not yet been finalized, so you may be waiting weeks or months before your Michigan medical marijuana application is processed through the slow process.

It is important to note that this application process applies only to the Department of Community Health registered patients. For those patients whom the department does not register, it is up to them to apply for their permit under the authority of a state-licensed physician.

The Michigan Medical Marijuana Application process consists of three parts:

1. The Medical Marijuana Card Application

A patient must complete a standard application form on the Department of Community Health website. After collecting all necessary documents, a patient must come to a point where they can submit their application online. They must also sign off on an agreement called the Physician Agreement Form.

Once patients submit their Michigan medical marijuana application, they are given a password to log into the website to check for updates or make necessary changes. This is extremely important because some accounts have been deemed fraudulent through the department’s system. Patients must always update themselves if they have made any changes; other legal professionals will review them.

2. The Medical Marijuana Application

The patient must fill out a detailed medical marijuana application. While it is unnecessary to submit any additional documents, a patient should give their application their honest thought and ensure that it meets all of the guidelines listed on the department’s website. The application is invalid unless the patient submits their Physician Agreement Form, which means that they must also be able to prove that they have a doctor willing to help them get their permit. 

The application process may vary depending on how much information a patient has provided. Still, they must show the department all of their documents, such as their medical history, any physical and mental issues that they may have, and most importantly, a signed Physician Agreement Form.

3. Renewal of Medical Marijuana Card Application

A patient seeking their card to be renewed should also fill out the form on the Department of Community Health website, provide them with the updated documents, and ensure that they signed off on the Physician Agreement Form.

It is, however, important to note that a patient will have to pay $100 to renew their card. This is done through the Medical Marijuana Payment Program. They must also submit their application no later than 30 days before their current certificate expires.

Why is The Michigan Medical Marijuana Application Necessary?

If a doctor has diagnosed a patient that they need medical marijuana, it is not illegal for them to possess the drug. However, because there is still no law made for the sale of cannabis, any patient who can acquire the substance must obtain it illegally. This can lead to problems with their employment, for example, if a person’s employer found out about the drug and fired them.

How Does It Work?

Those patients who can obtain their permit from the Department of Community Health will be administered a medical marijuana card by mail approximately 12 days after submitting their Michigan medical marijuana application online.

A patient must ensure they have filled out all necessary documents and provided proof in case the department questions them. A patient who has not received their permit will have to wait until their Michigan medical marijuana application is reviewed, along with many others. In other cases, the department may reduce or cancel a patient’s application as some people falsify their medical records.


The Michigan medical marijuana application process for a medical marijuana permit in Michigan has been finalized, making things easier for patients. Instead of sending their application to the Department of Community Health, they can apply online at no cost. Lawmakers are optimistic that this will save time and money and ease the burden on those applying. Additionally, it is much safer than mailing in applications that can get lost easily. Once an application is submitted online, the process is still difficult because many have yet to be reviewed and approved by the department. Still, hopefully, this will be resolved shortly.



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